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IRIS Wiki - Computational Models

Computational Models

Each IS system has its own computational model that serves as a basis for its implementation. Such models are often complex and hybrid; borrowing from several computational approaches. Within these models, we tried to identify basic computational models that were not attached to a given IS system but still had a sufficient level of generality to be useful for a large range of systems.

The computational models presented here come from various families: Models for AI planning, Discrete Event Models for control, Logic and proof-theory, Stochastic models, etc. Such diversity reflects the different approaches in the field of AI.

For each model we present:

  • Background: formal foundation, initial goals of the model.
  • Description: short overview of the theory.
  • Application to Interactive Storytelling: how the computational model has been or could be used in IS.
  • Examples: Story examples modeled with this computational model (when available).
  • References