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- what makes a story worth telling

- how does this translate to interactivity?

- what if players choose the less interesting paths?

- do you force the player to go down the “interesting” paths?

- is there a look-ahead of many new virtual stories?

- Leibniz and potentiality

- what is the reason for making a choice?

- a good narrative is when a choice is difficult to make

- bad option ends in death/kicked out

- illusion of agency

- would people go back and try all?

- punch drunk - follow both couples, get closure

- to be or not to be game Ryan North

- should there be choice?

- what if story is already known/so well established

- freedom and responsibility

Attempt to summarize:

should the author allow you to do the things that lead to “boring” paths?

is this abdicating responsibility? or giving agency?

if you let them go down the boring path, do you make it interesting? or laugh? (Stanley Parable)

Tellability on the Living Handbook of Narratology [1]