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IRIS Wiki - Narrative Theories - Orality


Who are the main authors having developed this theory?

Histo-geographical placement

When and where did this theory appear?

Type of story

does the theory describe a specific type of story (i.e. fairytales) or can it be generalised? What is the set of stories described by the system?

Parent Theories

What existing theories were used as a starting point, inspiration, foundation?

Child Theories

What theories where inspired from this one?

Brief Description

Vulgarisation, lay person description of theory

Relation with Interactive Storytelling

Talking to our IDS work is the ultimate goal of IDS, at least for some researchers. turn-taking

Orality open the ways to more overlapping dialog lines compared to written narrative. (see the example of Mariage of Figaro in Opera with 4 parallel songs!)

Non verbal: - emotional expresions - stress, prosody - gestures

Systems/Tools using this theory

Name and link to system and a short description indicating how the theory is used in the system.


Towards other sites that describe the theory